Fadeless® Fancy Fish Project

This project will stay vibrant for days to come with its fade-resistant features. Uses Fadeless® Art Board or Peacock® Railroad Board, Fadeless® Paper, Wiggly Eyes, and Kolorfast® Tissue Paper.


  1. Cut Fish: Using the fish template, cut out fish shape from Fadeless® Art Board in any color.
  2. Scales: Cut several 1″ squares from several different colors of Fadeless® Paper. Glue onto fish for scales—being careful not to cover slit for fish’s fin.
  3. Add Fin: Cut 1 – 4″ x 4″ square out of KolorFast® Tissue. Crinkle tissue and insert into slit for fish fin. Glue or tape onto back of fish.
  4. Add Features: Add a large Wiggly Eye. Add some sparkle to your fish with white glue and Spectra® Glitter.