Whale Craft Project

A fun craft project to make when learning about these large aquatic mammals.

NOTE: Print out pattern as follows:

  • 74% for 4″ x 8″ Mini Bags
  • 100% for 6″ x 11″ Bags
  • 120% for 7″ x 14″ Bags


  1. Cut out the Pieces: Following the pattern (Whale_pattern.pdf-See NOTE above) cut the pieces from Pacon® Construction Paper. For the spout, after cutting slits, roll bottom edge around pencil and glue. Slide pencil out and curl edges of spout outward. Let dry.
  2. Assemble your Whale: Open bag and fill 2/3 full with shredded or crumpled paper. Gather the end of the bag to create the whale’s fluke (tail) and secure with a rubber band.
  3. 3To hide the rubber band cut a 1/2″ x 4″ strip (3/8″ x 3″ strip for Mini Bags) from construction paper. Wrap over rubber band and glue.
  4. 4Glue the flippers and eyes on the sides and the spout on top. Draw the mouth with puff paint or with a black marker. Let dry.