Riverside 3D


Riverside 3D Construction Paper

Riverside 3D Construction Paper is perfect for building 3D models and a wide variety of STEAM projects. This is the only super heavyweight construction paper made with 100% recycled fiber content.

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Here we are, celebrating the first week of Spring. Can you believe it’s already here? Depending on where you live, this winter either felt cold or colder. Maybe you were even feeling a bit stir-crazy, ready to get out of the house and peek in on your gardens. Hopefully, you’re seeing the first signs of spring: crocus, tulips, and hyacinth peeking out of the ground.

March is full of exciting celebrations: from the first day of spring and St. Patrick’s Day to National Craft Month! We, at Pacon, think every month is “craft month.” Don’t you agree?

As arts and craft supply collectors, we also have to celebrate practice spring cleaning. Remember that feeling you had last August when you set up your classroom for the school year and everything had a purpose and was in its intended place? It was absolutely glorious, wasn’t it? After zooming through the school year as fast as you and your students did, things became an awful mess!