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Create beautiful works of art with Now You See It!™ Art Papers. Use the included wooden stylus to reveal bright, metallic, and rainbow colors under the black or white coating.

Creative Project Ideas

These papers are great for students and artists of any age. They're the perfect medium to teach negative space, abstract art, meditative drawing, and so much more! Packaging includes illustration and design ideas, or you can let your imagination shine and create your own masterpieces!

Use multiple sheets for one project. Cut out shapes and layer them together to create scenes, as shown below. Add foam spacers between layers for a 3D effect.

Trace students' silhouettes and have them write their favorite things inside the outline.

Because there is no way to erase a mistake on these papers, plan out the design ahead of time. If needed, a design can be traced over the coated paper with a stylus, pen, or other tool to sketch the design onto the coating.

NAEA National Conference

These fun papers were recently featured at our booth at the National Art Educator Association (NAEA) National Conference in New York City and were well received by art teachers.

"Art teachers were happy with how easy the coating scratched off compared to other brands," said Carla, Pacon's Graphic Artist who exhibited at the show. "They also loved the bright color of the paper."

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