Mind Sparks™ Teach and Tear Tape®

60 yds.
1 Roll

Teach and Tear Tapes® provide a fun way to learn a variety of lessons. Teach and Tear Tape® Measuring is 60 yards of learning fun! Just tear, stick and measure! Tape includes inches (1-18) and centimeters (1-45), so it’s perfect for learning how to measure. Tape is repositionable and can be used on desks, tables, white boards, chalkboards, walls, paper and may other surfaces. Designed for children ages 5 and up.


Use for learning how to measure with centimeters, inches and feet, plus how they relate to each other. 

This is a great tool to learn about concepts such as thick, thin, small and large! 

For more advanced play, the flexibility of the tape allows for learning how to measure diameter and circumferences or other unusual shapes.


Product Details

Product Number AC9316
Size 60 yds.
Package Quantity 1 Roll
UPC# 021196093164

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