Learn how to use Ella Bella® Photography backdrops without a backdrop stand, helpful photography tips and other fun uses!

Ella Bella® Tips


Ella Bella® Photography Backdrops are perfect for professional and amateur photographers, and are especially popular among newborn and child photographers. These backdrops are also great for bloggers and online sellers who want to post professional looking photographs.

No backdrop stand? No problem! Here are three ways to use Ella Bella® Photography Backdrops without one.


  1. Turn two chairs back to back 4′ apart. Take a 5′ (or longer) rod and stick it through the Ella Bella® roll. Set the rod on the chair backs and pull the desired length from roll. Use clips to hold roll in place on rod.

  2. Tape the edge of the Ella Bella® roll to the wall, and pull desired length from roll. Optional, trim off any excess.

  3. Use a DIY backdrop stand, like this one made from PVC pipe. Stick the horizontal bar at the top of the stand through the Ella Bella® roll, and pull the desired length from the roll.

    Photography Tip: For a more professional look, add a baseboard to edge the bottom of the backdrop and the floor drop as seen above.


Other Ways to Use Ella Bella® Photography Backdrops

Did you know Ella Bella® Photography Backdrops are also great for pet photography, product photography, videos and DIY photobooths? Share your photos and ideas with us on the Ella Bella Facebook page.
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Ella Bella® Storage Ideas

  • Inside or Wrap Around Mailing Tubes
  • Inside or Wrap Around PVC Pipes
  • Wrap Around a Pool Noodle

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