Spectacular Suncatchers Project

Products Used

Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue, 20 Assorted Colors

Additional Products

  • Wax Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative Accents, such as Creativity Street® Gemstones and Rhinestones (optional)

Project Details

Hang indoors near a window and watch as the sun makes your homemade suncatcher light up!


  1. Making The Frame: For your suncatcher follow the flower or kite/diamond shape pattern or draw your own shape onto a black piece of construction paper and cut it out. Then trace the shape onto another piece of black construction paper and cut it out. Cut the centers out of your shapes leaving approximately 1" frame around the edges.

  2. Making the Center: Cut your shape out of wax paper. Cut the wax paper 1/4" smaller then the outside edge of your shape and glue it onto one of the frame pieces. Now cut your tissue pieces and glue them onto the wax paper. After you’ve added all of your tissue pieces glue on the other frame piece.

  3. Finishing Touches: If you choose, add some sparkle to your suncatcher with Spectra® Glitter or gemstones & jewels and let dry.

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