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American Flag

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  • Black Marker or Pen

Project Details

Create your own waving flag, and learn about US history. This project is a perfect way to celebrate Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Bill of Rights Day, National Freedom Day, Armed Forces Day or Memorial Day!


  1. Measure and cut the pieces you’ll need:

    • One 8” x 12” Red construction paper
    • One 4” x 6” Blue construction paper
    • Seven ½” x 12” Red strips
    • Six ½” x 12” White strips


  2. Write words relating to America on each Red and White strip. Discuss and/or define the words written on the flag. This example uses:

    • Independence Day
    • Freedom
    • Liberty Bell
    • America
    • Thomas Jefferson (T. Jefferson)
    • Revolutionary War
    • Benjamin Franklin (B. Franklin)
    • July 4, 1776
    • Patriotic
    • John Hancock (J. Hancock)
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • 13 Colonies
    • John Adams (J. Adams)

    Lesson Plan Idea: Choose vocabulary words from the unit or lesson students are currently studying.


  3. Bend each Red and White strip to create the illusion of a waving flag, and glue them in an alternating pattern on the 8" x 12" Red sheet of construction paper.

    Glue the 4" x 6" piece of Blue construction paper to the top left of the 8" x 12" sheet.


  4.  Add stars. Use glitter to make small dots to represent the stars, or cut out star shapes from White construction paper.

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