Pacon® Antimicrobial Paper Roll

48" x 200'
1 Roll
Did you know that many surfaces we encounter every day can be breeding grounds for pathogens…including paper! Our antimicrobial paper rolls utilize Biomaster’s® patented silver ion technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria without sacrificing paper performance or appearance. Silver is an element found naturally in the environment and has long been regarded as a versatile antimicrobial agent. The silver ions interact with microorganisms and helps prevent their growth, loss of energy production, and prevention of DNA replication and new cell formation…. even on paper! This treatment offers 24/7 protection for the lifetime of the product! Antimicrobial Paper Rolls are another great weapon in your efforts to keep your work or school environment clean and safe and offers another level of protection against unwanted microbes. These huge rolls are ideal for use in collaborative environments like offices, schools and restaurants. Great for sketching, drawing, banners and displays. Acid free and recyclable.

Product Details

Product Number P1050101
Size 48" x 200'
Package Quantity 1 Roll
Carton Quantity 1
UPC# 029444501010

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