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Inspiring ideas for a long-lasting classroom display

Time is a precious commodity for teachers, so we’re here to offer some tips on ways to make a unique, interesting bulletin board you can keep up all year. Fadeless® Bulletin Board Art Papers, Corobuff® Corrugated Paper, and Bordette® Borders offer fade-resistant colors, so your displays can stay brighter longer!


Fadeless Paper is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose a color that matches your classroom décor, or use a fun Fadeless® Paper Designs pattern to add interest to your board! No matter what theme or color scheme you have, there is a Fadeless paper that can match!

Use multiple colors to create your own background. Tearing the paper adds another level of interest, as shown using the Green paper below.


3D Elements

  • Layer, twist, bend and scrunch Bordette for even more dimension and color. Use it as as an outside border as well as an accent within the bulletin board design. This example shows both techniques.

  • Use Rainbow® Kraft Bags to hold story starters, book suggestions, classroom chores, etc. The example below uses a Kraft Bag to hold book suggestions for students looking for their next book.


Student Projects

Let your class do the work for you! Use student projects to bring your displays to life! Each student colored their own super hero uniform in this display. If you'd like to recreate this Super Hero Bulletin Board in your classroom, you can find the instructions and template on our projects page.

Keep It Simple

Create anchor charts for visual reminders that can stay up all year long!

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