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Our graphics department has been hard at work putting together the 2018 catalog, and in August we shared the history of our catalog covers. If you recall, we alluded that this year we're giving our Graphics Manager, Steve, a break from crafting a creative sun. So who was in charge this year?

Meet Samantha.

Samantha was a very creative intern who helped the marketing team out with several projects, including this year's catalog cover! 

Read on to learn more about Samantha and get a sneak peek at this year's sun.

My name is Samantha and I was the Marketing Communications Intern for about four months. I’m studying graphic design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and plan to graduate in 2021. I’m also involved in extracurricular activities at Stout, including a sprinter in track and field, as well as a member of Forward, a club dedicated to students interested in fashion.

My time at Pacon has been incredibly beneficial in helping me truly understand the business at the professional level. Not only that, but it’s been fun. I feel that when you find a job that you really enjoy, it won’t feel like work. That’s exactly how I feel about my position here this summer.

I’ve had the chance to make so many fun projects and help out with so many things, like photoshoots and designing and building bulletin boards.

One of my favorite projects I made is a wreath made out of construction paper. It ended up getting used in an advertisement for “first day of fall” craft products.

However, my favorite thing I’ve had the chance to do this summer is create the sun for the 2018 catalog cover. The sun features our Riverside 3D™ Construction Paper, which is what I used to make the tubular sun rays.

The face of the sun is constructed out of foam sheets. The nose and mouth are multiple layers of the foam sheets which I then cut and sculpted.

I used Rhinestones on the face to make it more interesting. The background is our Iridescent Film over Metallic Silver Fadeless® with quilled construction paper set on top to create an extension of the sunrays.

"The catalog cover is a high profile project and Samantha did an amazing job," Greg, Marketing Communication Manager, said. "She was given very little direction, but constructed a very creative rendition of our sun using a number of different Pacon products." 

But what does Steve have to say about Samantha's sun? "She did great" Steve said. "Based on the other projects she created for us, I knew she was the right person for the job."

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