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See our behind-the-scene photos from our elementary school photoshoot, featuring our new Mind Sparks® products, Fadeless® Paper, Classroom Keepers® and Riverside® Construction Paper. The children were great to work with, and were excited to play games and create projects for us.

We set up at a classroom at a local school, and had the pleasure of working with several talented children, as well as teachers.

The kids were excited to create a 3D city out of Riverside Construction Paper. The sturdy paper is perfect for projects like this!

They had fun putting together this scene. They made lamp posts, garbage cans, benches, cars, clock towers, buildings and a marquee that reads: Have fun.

Decorating the classroom was a lot of fun, but a lot of work! We used a farm animal theme on both bulletin boards, as well as on the wall for our reading corner.  

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