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Pacon offers many styles of composition books to meet a wide range of needs, grade levels, and uses. Composition books typically feature a sewn or taped binding that securely holds the sheets together. Without a spiral binding, the books can be stacked together on desks or in backpacks without getting tangled. Read on to learn about our most unique composition books.

Dual Ruled Composition Books

Our Dual Ruled Composition Books are quickly becoming a fan favorite.

These books feature two alternating ruling styles. The right-hand page offers a 3/8" wide ruling for traditional note taking, and the left-hand page is printed with a 1/4" grid to draw coordinating graphs, illustrations, and interpretations.

"Note-taking in this manner engages both hemispheres of the brain," Sam, product manager, said. "These books are a great tool for students at any level, and also work well for interactive notebooks."

Not only do these durable books feature two rulings, but they are also available with colored sheets (Blue, Green, and Yellow).

"Using colored paper has been shown to help students with dyslexia work through the impacts of the learning disability," Sam said. "It was important to us to use colored sheets, not just for fun, but as an added educational benefit."

The multiple colors also allow students to organize by class, theme, or semester.

Junior Composition Books

The Junior Composition Books are brand new in 2018, and are a game changer for teachers.

"In my research, I kept coming across teachers who cut comp books in half to reduce waste," Sam said. "With a full-size comp book, students would not use up a whole sheet before moving on to a new lesson, so teachers were seeing a lot of wasted paper."

"The smaller size of our Junior Composition Book empowers young students to fill an entire page without feeling overwhelmed," Sam said, "and it's one less thing for a teacher to add to their to do list."

These mini books are the perfect size for daily grammar and vocabulary work, practicing math word problems, or as a class journal.

Handwriting Composition Books & Journals

These books and journals are another great option for young students learning how to write. The spiral binding keeps the books flat, which makes it easier to write.

The binding also allows the books to expand, so they're a great option for interactive note-taking.

The rulings conform to both D'Nealian™ and Zaner-Bloser™ Handwriting Programs and are available with both picture story ruling and fully ruled pages.

They can also be found with the traditional composition book binding.

See our full line on the Composition Book page of our site.

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