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Pacon + Fresh Artists = Gold Frame Watercolor Paper

Fresh Artists

Through unique programs, Fresh Artists® works with children to generate funds to supply art materials to low-income schools. Children create their own masterpieces and then reproductions of selected artwork are chosen for display as large-scale installations in corporate facilities.

The funds generated from these sales provide art supplies and programs to even more children in schools with severely under-resourced art programs. This “circle of philanthropy” empowers children to be part of the solution.

Gold Frame Watercolor Paper

Pacon launched the Art1st® Gold Frame Watercolor Paper in collaboration with Fresh Artists. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of this paper goes back to Fresh Artists. This unique paper is available in two sizes: 9" x 12" and 12" x 18".

This student-grade paper works well with any wet media. The gold frame instantly turns any work of art into a finished masterpiece! The 9" x 12" size features a placard to easily display the artist’s name.

Lori, Pacon's Product Manager for Surfaces, was excited to launch this new product. "The Art1st Gold Frame Watercolor Paper is a new, unique item in the marketplace. We're happy to be a partner with Fresh Artists, and help impact art education for children in under-resourced schools across the US."

Where to Buy

Available for purchase at arts and crafts stores, school retailers and distributors, the Fresh Artists web store, and online retailers.

NAEA Conference

We featured at the National Art Educator Association Conference in New York, and it was very well received by teachers.

Melissa, Pacon's Market Manager for Education, attended NAEA. "The art teachers really loved the quality of our watercolor paper," said Melissa. "There are other framed papers available, but not a true art paper like ours."

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