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Learning & Fun All in One

Our Mind Sparks® line of learning games provides a fun way to engage children and help teach math concepts, foreign languages and sentence structures. Mind Sparks offers a variety of card games, foam blocks and dry erase games that make Learning & Fun ALL IN ONE!™ 

Core Standards

Many of these games and activities align with core standards, which are included on the product detail page for each item so teachers and parents can easily identify corresponding learning targets. 

Incorporating games and activities into the classroom for topics that are difficult to understand can make the students more engaged in learning and set them up for success. 

Fan Favorites

While we're partial to ALL our Mind Sparks games, we've noticed a handful that are becoming fan favorites. 

Our unique Teach and Tear Tapes® provide a fun way to learn a variety of lessons including spelling, cooking, money and even math concepts. They can be used with several surfaces including desks, dry erase boards, chalkboards, notebooks and more!

"My favorite product is the Eco-Puzzle™," Erika, Pacon Product Manager, said. "It has sparkly and fuzzy pieces that provide a tactile learning experience for the kids. It also comes with a full-size poster and a rainforest guide so teachers can incorporate the puzzle into their curriculum."

“At a recent photoshoot the kids had so much fun playing with the Mind Sparks games,” Greg, Pacon Marketing Communications Manager, said. “The dry erase blocks were a big hit. These smiles are genuine.”

Mind Sparks Dry Erase Blocks and the Link-N-Lock Tiles® are versatile and can be used with any age. Use them in a classroom or home, in a group or independently. Write lists, play games, practice spelling, study foreign languages, vocabulary and math.

Watch the video below to get a look at Mind Sparks in action, then visit our site to check out all the products, game play ideas and more videos at mindsparks.us

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