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Scrap Paper Crafts for Kids - Celebrating National Craft Month

Scrap Paper Crafts for Kids. Out with the old, in with the new. Clean out your scrap piles this spring with fun project ideas from Pacon. Pacon.com
Scrap Paper Crafts for Kids. Out with the old, in with the new. Clean out your scrap piles this spring with fun project ideas from Pacon. Pacon.com

Here we are, celebrating the first week of Spring. Can you believe it’s already here? Depending on where you live, this winter either felt cold or colder. Maybe you were even feeling a bit stir-crazy, ready to get out of the house and peek in on your gardens. Hopefully, you’re seeing the first signs of spring: crocus, tulips, and hyacinth peeking out of the ground.


March is full of exciting celebrations: from the first day of spring and St. Patrick’s Day to National Craft Month! We, at Pacon, think every month is “craft month.” Don’t you agree?

As arts and craft supply collectors, we also have to celebrate practice spring cleaning. Remember that feeling you had last August when you set up your classroom for the school year and everything had a purpose and was in its intended place? It was absolutely glorious, wasn’t it? After zooming through the school year as fast as you and your students did, things became an awful mess!


Half-rolls of Fadeless® Paper in a dusty corner…

A mislabeled box of Bordette® Border odds and ends…

Well-loved (cut to smithereens) construction paper in your Classroom Keepers®...


Your hopeful heart is telling you to keep every last scrap -- as it has so much educational potential -- but your brain (and our previous blog post on Tidying Up Your Classroom - Marie Kondo Style) tells you to declutter, declutter, declutter! What to do?!


Today is your lucky day, friend. Follow your heart and gather your scraps. We’re going to embark on one last creative classroom craft mission before breaking out the recycling bins.




Mission: Scrap-a-thon --  a day of celebrating open-ended creativity and personal expression through art!


(Shouldn’t that be every day? Yes, we think so, too!)



What are some of the benefits of holding a scrap material free-for-all?

  • Use up leftover materials before the end of the year, making your cleanout process much smoother
  • Students learn resourcefulness and encourage sharing
  • Get new inspiration from raw, textured edges or curved cutouts
  • Students explore textures and materials in a new way, creating multi-dimensional and/or functional projects
  • Everyone can feel empowered to create art they see as beautiful without pressure to color within the lines.

Scrap Project Ideas


You can always check us out on Pinterest to get inspiration and instructions for endless variations on the awesome projects below:

  • Monster bookmarks
  • Holiday greeting cards
  • Tissue paper luminaries and suncatchers
  • Self-portrait collage
  • Yarn pompons
  • Paper punch confetti/pointillism lesson
  • Paper beads necklace
  • Paper flower bouquets
  • Handmade seed paper
  • Paper Quilling
  • Origami animals
  • Weaving project
  • Paper hats and tails
  • Hand-bound paper book
  • Tissue paper/coffee filter flowers
  • Finger puppet people and animals
  • Ripped paper tree
  • Melted crayon shapes
  • Pinata for last day of school
  • Miniature parade float!


If any of your students want to earn brownie points, allow them to gather and test all of the markers in the room. Now is a great time to throw away anything without a cap and most definitely, anything that no longer works!

As a fun hint of inspiration, share with your students these cool and wacky upcoming holidays:



National Goof Off Day


Waffle Day


Purple Day


National Something On a Stick Day


National Crayon Day


National Tartan Day


National Pet Day


Grilled Cheese Day


Wear Pajamas to Work Day


National High Five Day


Bicycle Day


Lima Bean Respect Day


International Dance Day


Astronomy Day


Bike to Work Day


World Turtle Day


Hamburger Day


National Cheese Day


National Running Day


National Donut Day


Global Garbage Man Day


National Selfie Day


National Pink Day


Who knows? Maybe one of your students will become over-the-moon excited and write a limerick about Lima Bean Respect Day.


We wish you the best of luck in welcoming Spring with a positive “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for additional bright ideas for arts and crafts the classroom!

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