Classroom Keepers® 30-Slot Mailbox

12.75" x 31..63" x 21"
1 Piece

Each mailbox is designed with an individual name tab for each slot. Mix and match the three sizes of mailboxes to get the right number for your class size. The slot sizes for the 30-Slot Mailbox are 1.75"H x 10"W x 12.5"D. Recycled and recyclable. Click here to download the assembly instructions and watch our video below to learn how to assemble your mailbox.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Square up the base with the back of it facing you. Fold the top flap over. Next, fold the side flaps over, and then fold the bottom flap over and tuck it under the top flap to lock it together.

  2. Fold inward the top and bottom flap on the front of the base.
  3. Take divider set and tear the left divider apart from the right divider.

  4. Square up the left divider by folding it inward. Place the left divider into the middle of the assembled base.
  5. Fold inward the right divider. Place the right divider into the middle of the assembled base.
  6. Fold inward the shelf then back-fold the small side flaps. Insert a shelf into the bottom slots of the divider with the printed side of the tabs facing up.

  7. Fold the bottom sidewalls of the base inward. Insert the other shelves.

Fully Assembled




Product Details

Product Number 001318
Size 12.75" x 31..63" x 21"
Package Quantity 1 Piece
Carton Quantity 1
UPC# 045173013181

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