Creativity Street® Extruded Modeling Clay

1 lb.
1 lb.

Permanently soft modeling clay is great for artists of all ages. Colors can be blended to create new colors! Items #AC4080-01 through #AC4090-01 and #AC4097-01 come in a total of 1 lb. and are wrapped in poly and featured in a retail-friendly box with product viewing window. Items #AC4080 and #AC4090 are wrapped in clear poly with a label and are available while supplies last. The assortment in both #AC4080 and #AC4080-01 includes six colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black, and each color is 1/6 of a pound. Items #AC4090 and #AC4090-01 contain four bright primary colors and contain ¼ of a pound each of Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. Item #AC4091 has a total package weight of 220 grams and contains eight neon assorted colors. Item #AC4092 contains eight assorted bright colors in a total package weight of 220 grams. Item #AC4097-01 is a four color multicultural assortment that includes ¼ lb. sticks in each color. Item #AC4099 is a classroom pack of a 5 lb. primary color assortment, including 1 lb. each of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange. All modeling clays are non-toxic.

Product Details

Product Number PAC4088-01
Size 1 lb.
Package Quantity 1 lb.
Carton Quantity 1
UPC# 021196408814

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