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Pacon® Teams Up with Fresh Artists®

Fresh Artists Delivers

Pacon® Teams Up with Fresh Artists®
Partnership helps children in low-income schools

APPLETON, WI (Oct. 20, 2015)—Pacon Corporation, a leading supplier of art paper and educational products, is providing quality art paper to Fresh Artists®, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to keeping art alive for children in under-resourced schools.

Pacon® is providing 60,000 sheets of Art1st® Watercolor Paper to support Fresh Artists’ mission. These innovative programs introduce children in under-resourced schools to world-famous art, and then bring the brilliance of the children’s art to thousands of people.

“Having Pacon provide their Art1st® 90 lb. Watercolor Paper for our Mini-Masterpieces and Clothesline Art Sale Programs is a great honor,” said Barbara Allen, Founder and Executive Director of Fresh Artists. “This beautiful paper sets the stage for the children’s masterpieces like no other. It shows off our signature gold-leaf frames, making each work of art one to be treasured. Our kids know they are working on high quality paper and their artwork rises to new heights.”

Once children complete their masterpieces, clients donate funds to Fresh Artists to display large scale reproductions of the children’s art in corporate facilities. Those funds are used to bring art supplies and programs to even more children in schools with severely under-resourced art programs. This “circle of philanthropy” empowers the children being served to be part of the solution.

“We are proud to partner with Fresh Artists,” said Jim Schmitz, President and CEO of Pacon Corporation. “It is great to be involved with something so impactful and inspiring.”

Hancock Kids Opening Art Supplies

About Fresh Artists

Fresh Artists is an innovative nonprofit that engages children as full partners in philanthropy, widely exhibits children’s artwork, and provides art supplies and innovative programs to severely under-resourced public schools. For more details please visit www.freshartists.org.

About Pacon

Pacon Corporation is a leading global provider of education, art and craft products for both the education and retail markets. Its products include teacher-preferred brands such as Tru-Ray® Premium Sulphite Construction Paper and Fadeless® Bulletin Board Paper. Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, Pacon employs more than 450 full-time employees across nine facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Visit www.pacon.com for more details.

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