Lia Griffith™ Double Sided Crepe Paper

Total 6.7 Sq. Ft.
Apricot + Light Rose & Honeysuckle + Coral
2 Count

Pack of 2 double sided (Honeysuckle & Coral + Apricot & Peach), extra fine crepe papers from DIY designer Lia Griffith comes with a total of 4 colors inspired by nature in each pack. This crepe paper is made in Germany by Werola and created specifically for exquisite handcrafting. Double sided crepe includes two layers of extra fine crepe, allowing crafters to create texture and depth in their designs. Stretch, curl, twist and cut these beautiful and malleable papers to make stunning crafts that last a lifetime.

Product Details

Product Number PLG11020
Size Total 6.7 Sq. Ft.
Package Quantity 2 Count
UPC# 190705000556

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