Be The Change Bulletin Board - 4' x 8'

Project Details

**Find this bulletin board along with other inspirational decor ideas on our Classroom Decor Gallery  page.


Additional materials needed:

Color printer, 11" x 14" or 11" x 17" White paper, Scissors, Stapler and Double-sided Tape and/or Clear Tape

Steps for creating the ‘Be The Change’ bulletin board:

  1. Cover bulletin board with Dark Blue Rainbow® Colored Kraft Duo-Finish® Paper. To do this, first cut enough paper to cover the board.

  2. Find the center of the paper you've cut. Start attaching it to the board by stapling the paper at the top center. Roll the paper out to the left, stapling as you go.

  3. Finish stapling the paper across the top, then down the sides and bottom, smoothing the paper as you go along.

  4. Cut off excess paper.

  5. Download PDF document containing all of the words needed for this board. Print pages out on 11" x 14" sheets of White paper. Cut out and attach to bulletin board.

  6. Finish your inspirational board by adding Stars Bordette® Designs Decorative Border around the edges.

Click “Save PDF” below to get the FREE downloadable PDF with the words and “be” signs you see here.

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