Butterfly Treat Bag

Additional Products

  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

Project Details

Whether it‘s a class project or just a way of saying “Good Job” these treat bags are great for all ages.


  1. Trim: 1/2" from top of the Creativity Street® Kraft Bag. Fold top 3-1/2" of bag over to front.

  2. Trace and Cut: Use the template to cut the two wing shapes from Blue and Orange construction paper. Cut two body shapes from Purple paper. Punch holes in body shapes at dots indicated on pattern. Glue Blue wings to top of folded bag with edges meeting in the center. Glue Orange wings to bottom of bag front with edges meeting in the center.

  3. Texture: Glue Green yarn around edges of Blue wings with ends at center. Glue Pink yarn around edges of Orange wings with ends at center. Glue Yellow yarn around rounded edges of body pieces with ends glued to the back.

  4. Embellish: Glue a pair of buttons to center of Blue wings. Fold a 12" piece of Black Creativity Street® Stem in half and bend ends to make antennae. Glue center of antennae to top of bag between wings. Cut two 2" pieces from remaining stem. Fold pieces in half and insert ends through holes in remaining buttons.

  5. Complete and Fill: Insert ends of 2" stem pieces through holes in body pieces and twist ends together in back (leave space between button and body). Fill bag with goodies. To close bag, wrap a piece of Turquoise yarn around buttons and tie into a bow in center.

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