Cow Reading Corner

Additional Products

  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White Paper Plates (optional)
  • Table and Chairs

Project Details

Fadeless® Paper can be used on more than just bulletin boards! Recreate this fun reading corner for your students.

**Find this scene along with other inspirational decor ideas on our Classroom Decor Gallery  page.


  1. Attach the Fadeless® Paper to the wall. Use Lite Blue for the sky and Apple Green for the grass.

  2. Create the silo by cutting a rectangle out of Pacon® Natural Kraft Roll to the desired size. Cut a curved rectangle out of Flame Fadeless® Solid Paper for the top of the silo. Use the Black Jumbo Marker to draw on accents, such as the silo bricks.

  3. Make the cows by using paper plates for the body, or cutting a large circle out of White construction paper. Use construction paper to cut out spots, ears, legs and noses. Adding Wiggle Eyes brings them to life.

    Note: A fun classroom project would be to have the cows created by students.

  4. Add accents.

    • Flowers: Use Creativity Street® Chenille Stems to create flowers and place them throughout the scene.
    • Clouds: Glue groups of Creativity Street® White Craft Fluffs to the the sky.
    • Sun: Cut a large circle from Yellow construction paper. Make the rays by cutting Creativity Street® Orange Crepe Paper into strips. Wrinkle or fold the rays as they’re attached to the sky to create dimension.
    • Use UCreate® Self-Adhesive Vinyl Letters to add a fun message.
    • Finish by adding Bordette® Decorative Border around the outside edges.
  5. Set table and chairs in the corner and form WonderFoam® Alphabet Puzzle Mat tiles into squares to liven up the space.

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