Craft Stick Frames

Additional Products

  • Pictures or Small-Scale Artwork
  • School Glue
  • Optional: Paint or Decorative Accents

Project Details

A fast and easy way to frame special photographs or small works of art.


  1. Create the Frame: Gather eight craft sticks, and lay two of them horizontally for the top of the frame, and two more horizontally for the bottom of the frame. Place two more craft sticks vertically on the left-hand side, and two vertically on the right-hand side to complete the square. Make sure all four ends meet up, and glue the craft sticks together.

    Carefully turn the frame over and attach your picture to the back with tape. Glue four craft sticks across the back of the frame for extra support.

  2. Make it Stand: Glue 10 craft sticks together in one stack to create a stand. Glue the flat side of this stack to the bottom of the back of the frame. Let dry and paint/decorate as desired.

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