Crafty Bats

Additional Products

  • Pencil
  • Decorative Accents or Embellishments

Project Details

This can be a fun Halloween project or just a fun interactive way to learn about bats. Used as a class or group project each child’s bat is uniquely their own.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Lesson Plan Ideas: Bats are the only mammals on Earth capable of powered flight. Their scientific name, Chiroptera, means “hand-wing,” and, like the children’s hands that make up the wings of this bat, a real bat’s wings are made up of the animal’s elongated finger bones.


  1. Making the Wings and Body: With a pencil trace each child’s right and left hands on Pacon® Classic Black Card Stock. Cut loosely around the hands to create the bat’s wings. Next using the bat pattern, (Bat_Pattern.pdf), cut ears, head and body also out of Black Card Stock.


  2. Assembling the Body: Lay the wings, pencil side down (Remember to put the thumbs pointing up). Glue body on top of wings. Glue ears to the back of the head and then glue head on top of the body.

  3. Finishing Touches: Add Wiggle Eyes to give it life and a 1/2" Creativity Street® Pom Pon for a nose. Then add any other embellishments (Creativity Street® Pony Beads, paint, etc.) to finish it off.

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