End of the Year Countdown

Additional Products

  • Black Permanent Marker
  • White School Glue
  • Ruler
  • Tape

Project Details

Create this fun advent calendar to count down to the beginning of summer. 


  1. Cut out the shapes you’ll need:

    • 2 white construction paper rectangles about 2.5" x 3" 
    • 2 brown construction paper strips about  3.5" x 0.5" 
    • 1 Brown crepe paper strip about 3.5" x 1"


  2. Glue the brown crepe paper to one paper strip before gluing the strips to the top and bottom of the marshmallow, with the strip with crepe paper on the top. 

    Repeat steps one and two for the desired amount of countdown days. 

  3. Write each number on the front of the s'more. 


  4. With the same marshmallow shape, write an activity to celebrate the day. Flip the s'more up so that the graham cracker with chocolate is on the bottom. Glue the marshmallow with the activity to the back of the s'more.

  5. To create firewood, cut two strips of brown paper approximately 9" x 2.5" then round each corner of both strips. Create a squished 'X' with the two strips and glue them together. 


  6. Cut out three flame shapes of varying size from red, orange, and yellow construction paper. Layer each color to a desired look and glue together. Glue the flames to the firewood created in the previous step. 

  7. Space out and arrange the completed s'mores and the bonfire before taping down the top edge of each s'more. 

  8. Place 2" Self-Adhesive Dazzle Letters on the board, leaving space to write "S'more" and "Summer" in a gold metallic marker.

  9. Trace the written letters in glue before sprinkling glitter on top. Shake out the poster over a trashcan to remove extra glitter. 



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