Tru-Ray® Construction Paper Fall Wreath

Additional Products

  • Glue
  • Scissors

Project Details

Create your own festive Fall wreath to hang on your door or gift to a friend.


  1. Choose four to six different colors of paper to make your wreath. Use one of those colors to cut out a doughnut shape with a 12" diameter. This will be the base.


  2. Cut out 10 large trapezoid shapes and glue them around the circle to give it some dimension.

    • Glue the wide edge of the trapezoid shape to the back of the outside edge on the wreath's base. Then fold the trapezoid shape around the front of the base and bend the skinny edge over the inside edge of the base and secure the trapezoid shape with glue.

    Note: The trapezoid shapes do not have to be perfect, this will all be hidden by the leaves.

  3. Cut out 120 4-in. leaf shapes, and fold each leaf in half the long way.

  4. Glue the leaves around the wreath all facing the same direction. Once the glue dries, your wreath is ready for hanging!

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