Elephant Fidgetimal

Additional Products

  • Marker (to spiral chenille stems around)

Project Details

Create a cute elephant that can double as a fidget toy.


  1. First, create the elephant's body by bending a chenille stem in half.

  2. Wrap another chenille stem around a marker to make a large spiral. Stick the bent chenille stem from step 1 through the center of the spiraled chenille stem, and set aside.


  3. Create the elephant’s legs by bending two chenille stems in half and spiraling each of them with the marker. You can add wood beads if you’d like a pop of color or something to fidget.

  4. Make the elephant’s head by wrapping a chenille stem into a ball around the marker. Leave some unwrapped for the trunk.

  5. Add ears by sticking a chenille stem through the center of the head and roll each side inward. Add wood beads if desired.

  6. Connect the head and body by sticking the end of the body into the head and wrapping it around to secure it. Cut off the excess chenille stem from step 1 at the tail end.

    Add a wood bead to body if desired, and unwrap a small section of the body to create the tail.


  7. Add the legs by wrapping the center of each set around the body to secure them. The elephant can stand on all fours, or you can angle the legs and have it sit.

    Add the wiggle eyes to its face for a finishing touch.


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