Gift Bags

Products Used

Kraft Bag, Assorted Pastel Colors
Creativity Street® Pony Beads, Bright Hues Assortment

Additional Products

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Black Marker
  • Four Silver Paper Fasteners (Brads)

Project Details

Spruce up your gifts this year with a handmade gift bag and fish tag.


  1. Cut: Trim the top of the bag with edgers. Cut two random width strips from white, sky blue, and turquoise paper, using edgers. Cut two ½” x 8-1/2” strips from sky blue paper, using cloud paper edgers, for handles. Punch a 1/8” hole in ends of handle strips and in top of bag 1-1/2” in from each side.

  2. Glue: Glue the strips you cut in step one angled across the front of the bag, trimming ends even with bag. Attach handles to front and back of bag using paper fasteners.

  3. Tag It: Cut a 2-1/4” x 5” rectangle from yellow paper for tag, cutting one short side with edgers for fish tail. Make diagonal cuts in front corners of tag for fish head. Make “V” cuts in long sides of tag to define fish body and tail. Cut 3/8” wide strips from purple and orange paper, using scallop paper edgers.

  4. Address It: Using a black marker write, “for” on orange strip and name on purple strip. Glue strips horizontally across the fish, trimming ends even with tag. Punch ¼” hole in front of tag for eye. Draw mouth under eye with black marker.

  5. Attach Tag: Wrap a small piece of tape around each end of cording. Attach cording to tag through eye hole. String beads on cording ends. Wrap cording around bag handle and tie into a knot. Trim cord ends past knot.

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