Project Details

Create a large robot with Gorilla Blocks®. Add wiggle eyes and other accents with Tru-Ray® Construction Paper to bring it to life! Download the easy-to-follow instructions below.


  1. Create the legs using:

    • two 3-peg blocks
    • six 1-peg blocks

  2. Create the lower body using:

    • two 3-peg blocks
    • one 1-peg block
    • one 2-peg block

  3. Create the arms and upper body using:

    • five 3-peg blocks
    • four 2-peg blocks
    • two 1-peg blocks

  4. Create the head using:

    • one 3-peg block
    • two 2-peg blocks
    • three 1-peg blocks

  5. Attach the legs, lower body, arms, upper body, and head together. Optional: Add wiggle eyes and a mouth and your robot is complete!

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