Project Details

These flying creatures will look great around the house or in the classroom. Incorporate it with your next class on insects, the rainforest, or even as a multimedia art project.


  1. Create The Body: Start by cutting the dowel into a 6" section.

    Next, cut four 1″x6″ strips of brown construction paper. Take one of the strips and wrap it around the entire dowel and glue into place. Take the remaining 3 strips and wrap them, one at a time, around the dowel to create the 3 body sections. Cut a 1/4″ strip of pink construction paper and wrap it around the bottom of the body to create a spiral effect.

  2. Give it Sparkle: Put some glue on the top of each body section and sprinkle some Spectra Glitter over the body. Shake off excess glitter.

  3. Make it Fly: Using the Iridescent Film, glue the craft wire onto the film into 4 wing shapes. Each wing should be about 2″ x 6″ with rounded ends. Let the glue dry, then trim around the outside of each wing, and glue 2 on both sides of the second body section, and the other 2 to the third body section.

  4. Give it Personality: Take your some rhinestones and glue them to the front of the dragonfly for eyes.  Glue two chenille stem pieces to the bottom of the first body section for legs.

    Finally, take a pony bead and put it on the head of the dowel. Use an elongated bead and glue at the end of the tail.

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