Tissue Flower Kit – Puffer Fish

Products Used

Additional Products

  • White School Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Crepe Paper Streamers (any color)

Project Details

Create your own KolorFast® Tissue Flower Kit – Puffer Fish Project.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Lesson Plan Ideas: Learn about why Puffer Fish inflate when threatened and their ability to do so. Other names for Puffer Fish are: Tetraodontidae, Fugu, Blowfish, Porcupine Fish, Globefish or Swellfish. The following is an excerpt from (www.whozoo.org):There are many fish in the sea, but none are quite as intriguing as the Tetraodontidae or Puffer Fish. This fish lives in the shallow waters of warm tropical areas. The puffer inhabits the warm waters around China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. When the Puffer feels that he is being threatened, the fish has the ability to inflate its body. The inflation consists of a swelling of the body by taking in air and water. By swelling the Puffer becomes too large to consume.


  1. Start by following the instructions included in the KolorFast® Tissue Flower Kit to create a flower. (*NOTE: To make your fish extra full, attach 2 sets of flowers together before fluffing them out.) The wire included in the kit can be used later to hang your creation or cut it off using a wire cutter and wrap Trait-tex® Yarn around the middle to use for hanging your fish later.

  2. To create your Puffer Fish you need to fluff the tissue out on both sides. You should end up with your tissue in the shape of a ball.

  3. Create a mouth with pipe cleaners and glue to the front of your fish. Glue fins on both sides and on top of your fish using more pipe cleaners or Short Marabou & Plume Feathers. To complete the face add Wiggly Eyes.

  4. Add a fancy tail fin to your Puffer Fish by cutting various colors of Crepe Streamers in various lengths and staple to the back of your fish.

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