Make A Flag About Me

Products Used

Wet N' Stick Art Tape, 10 Assorted Colors

Additional Products

  • Shallow Tray of Water
  • Scissors

Project Details

According to brain research in education, connecting factual knowledge to creativity enhances long term learning. Expand your Flag Day social studies unit by having students design a flag that represents themselves, emphasizing their own unique identity.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Learning Objectives for Grades: 1-6

Developed by: Children’s Creativity Specialist, Stephie Morton, Founder/Teacher, Children’s Art Workshop at Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Students will:

  • Explore the concept of flags as symbols.
  • Investigate the symbolic design elements of flags: (1.) How color and form represent objects and actions. (2.) How one thing can symbolize another.
  • Give age appropriate examples of other countries and their flags.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of familial, ethnic and cultural diversity.


  1. Ask students to think of things that are important in their own lives: family members, pets, friends, favorite sports or activities, etc. Ask them to think of symbols, (designs, images, colors) that represent these things. Delight your class by creating your own example of a “Flag About Me”. Explain and identify what each symbol represents in your own life.

  2. Present Materials – Each child will receive:

    • Wet N’ Stick Art Tape, ten color options
    • 1 sheet of 9″ x 12″ White Tagboard
    • 1 shallow tray of water
    • Scissors


    • How the shiny side of Art Tape is coated with non-messy glue.
    • How wetting the glue with fingers or a sponge allows it to adhere easily to the tagboard.
    • How easily Art Tape cuts into intricate or bold designs and then smoothly presses down onto the tagboard. Also show how two or more strips can be laid side by side to create a solid background or overlapped for interesting effects.
    • Encourage students to be creative and have fun.

    For Children with Special Needs:

    • Wet N’ Stick Art Tape is a great hands-on, success-oriented art material.
    • Fail proof – Art Tape can be lightly moistened or immersed in a bucket and still sticks to paper, horizontally diagonally or vertically.                                                                                                    
    • Wet ’N Stick Art Tape provides immediate, positive reinforcement for the students effort, an opportunity to create independently and there is no sticky mess!                                                               


    • Tape the tagboard down to a solid surface, (Pacon® Foam Board is a great reusable surface) to keep it from curling up until it dries.
    • For 1st-3rd Grades, cut a small collection of each color of Wet N’ Stick Art Tape for immediate access. Older children enjoy going back and forth to cut their own Art Tape from the roll. 



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