Mouse Mask

Products Used

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • White School Glue

Project Details

Help playtime be more fun with this easy-to-make mouse mask.

Lesson Plan Ideas

For group play we also have available instructions for a Tiger Mask and a Butterfly Mask.


  1. Following pattern (Mouse Pattern.pdf) cut shapes out of Pacon® Construction Paper.

  2. Next, use the Canary construction paper as the base for your mask and glue the other pieces on top of it.

  3. Following the mask tabs pattern (Mask tabs.pdf) cut two tabs out of Canary construction paper. Fold each tab in the center and glue sides together. Cut slits through each tab where indicated, fold at the bottom and glue one tab to each side on the back of your mask.

    Step 3


  4. Cut desired length of Trait-tex® Art Yarn and tie to the Mask Tabs.

    Step 4


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