Project Details

A glittery night owl is the perfect project for Fall, Halloween or wintertime! 


  1. Cut out the shapes you’ll need by referencing the below image:

    • The Brown shape is for the tree trunk and branch.
    • One Blue triangle for the body (fold the long edges inward and crease--these will be used to glue to the paper to create a dome-effect).
    • Four Blue strips of scallops for the feathers
    • Two large Blue circles for the eyes.
    • Two small Blue circles for the pupils.
    • Two medium Yellow circles for the eyes.
    • One large triangle for the head/beak.
    • One small Yellow triangle for the tip of the beak.

  2. Glue the tree trunk to the edge of the Black construction paper. Add glittery stars by adding drops of glue to the Black paper and sprinkling Silver glitter onto them.

    Assemble the owl's body. Add Gold glitter to the Yellow eyes and beak.

  3. One glitter is dry, glue the owl to the tree branch.

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