Origami Fish Pin

Products Used

Additional Products

  • Self-Adhesive Pin Back

Project Details

This origami project is fun to create, decorate and wear!


  1. Start with a 6" x 6" square sheet of Riverside™ 3D Construction Paper. 

    Fold corner to corner. Crease. Open flat.

  2. Fold other corner to corner. Crease. Open flat. Flip square over.

  3. Fold in half. Crease. Open flat.

  4. From other edge, fold in half. Crease. Open flat. 

  5. Pop center up, then push in sides to create a triangle. 

  6. Unfold.

  7. Using point A as a pivot point, fold lower corner to point B. Crease

  8. Unfold.

  9. Fold top edge down and line it up with creased line from Step 7. Crease.

  10. Fold bottom flap up over top flap.

  11. This is the back side of the fish. Add a self-adhesive pin back now or after you are done decorating. Flip over.

  12. Decorate front side.

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