Origami Radial Designs

Products Used

Additional Products

  • Compass
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • 18" Length of Yarn (per student)
  • White School Glue

Project Details

Developed by: Margaret P. Budde, Lower School Art Teacher, Louisiana

Lesson Plan Ideas

Learning Objectives for Grades: 3-4

Students will:

  • Understand the difference between linear symmetry (with one line of symmetry) and radial symmetry (more than one line of symmetry)
  • Divide a square into eight equal sections by folding horizontally, vertically and diagonally
  • Use a compass to draw a circle
  • Create origami-folded kites
  • Form a symmetrical radial design with their origami kites


  1. Preparation: To prepare for this lesson plan, you will need one 4" square of Tru-Ray® Construction Paper in any color per student, and at least 16,  3" squares of Tru-Ray® Construction Paper in any color per student. 

    White Multi-Purpose Paper can be cut into 3" squares for practice folds. 

    To create the circle base: Fold the 4" square in half, vertically, horizontally and diagonally to divide the square into eight sections. (Figures 1-4)

    Step 1


  2. Use the compass to draw a 4" diameter circle on the square by putting the point of the compass in the center of the square (Figure 5).

  3. Cut out the circle (Figure 6).

  4. Punch hole 1/2" from the edge of the circle in one of the eight sections (Figure 7).

  5. Run the length of yarn through the hole and tie the ends into a knot (Figure 8).

  6. Put the circle aside until you fold your origami papers.

    Step 6


  7. To create origami kite folds: Fold the white square in half diagonally, and open the square, placing the fold line towards you on the table (Figures 1-3).

    Step 7


    1. Take a corner of the 4" square and bring it to the centerfold line, and crease the fold (Figure 4).
    2. Repeat with the other unfolded corner (Figure 5).
    3. You should have a kite.
    4. You can modify your kite by folding back the center points towards the folded diagonal sides (Figure 6)

    Step 8


  8. To create your origami radial design: Choose four squares of each of two colors of Tru-Ray® Construction Paper.

  9. Make kite folds with each of the squares.

    Step 10


  10. Place the eight kites on the circle base with the points touching in the center in a symmetrical pattern. One kite should fit in each section of the circle.

  11. Glue the kites in place.

    Step 12


  12. Choose eight more 3" squares of the same two colors or two different colors. Make kite folds with each of these eight squares.

  13. Slip these kites inside the other kites in a symmetrical pattern to complete your radial design.

    Step 14


  14. Modify some or all of your kites with the folds shown in Step 8-Figure 6 shown above. 

    Step 15



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