3D Owl

Products Used

Pacon® Construction Paper, Assorted Colors

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • White School Glue

Project Details

Create a 3D owl in three easy steps! Download the easy-to-follow template below. 


  1. Cut out the shapes you’ll need

    • 4 different colors of feathers (five feathers of each color)
    • 2 Wings
    • 2 Eyes
    • 1 Beak
    • 2 Feet
    • 2 Ears
    • The body: one 4" wide strip

  2. Roll a 4” wide tube to create the body and secure with glue. Trim any excess. Attach the feathers to the body with glue in any pattern you'd like.

  3. Glue on the eyes, beak, ears, wings and feet.


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