3D Peacock

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Fine Tip Marker

Project Details

Create a beautiful three-dimensional peacock that will stand on its own. Get creative and use different color combinations. Download the easy-to-follow template below. 


  1. Cut out the shapes you’ll need for the peacock's body. Use the picture below for reference on the shapes and colors needed. 

    • 1 Body
    • 2 Wings
    • 1 Beak
    • 2 Feet
    • 14 Spots (the biggest spot is approximately 1.25" tall and 1" wide.
    • 2 Sets of Head Feathers (one for each side)

  2. Fold one sheet of Green paper back and forth to form the tail feathers. Fold the 9" side of the paper, in approximately 1.5" inch sections. Next, fold it in half the long way to create a fan shape, and secure the two edges with staples or glue to secure.

  3. Glue the beak, head feathers, wings and feet to the body. Add a Wiggle Eye, or use a marker to draw the eyes. 

    Glue the spots onto the tail feathers.

  4. Slide the body into the center of the tail feathers and secure with glue.

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