Pot of Gold

Products Used

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • White School Glue
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Printer (to print pattern)

Project Details

This St. Patrick’s Day help students create their own “Pot Of Gold” at the end of the rainbow.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Help younger students learn the seven colors of a rainbow. An easy acronym for remembering them is ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, green, Blue, Indigo and Violet). With Red always being on the top of the rainbow and Violet at the bottom. For older students who are ready to learn such things as "What makes the colors in the rainbow?", What makes a double rainbow?" or "Why are rainbows so rarely seen at noon"? visit: www.eo.ucar/rainbows to help answer these questions and more.


  1. Print Pot Of Gold.pdf on a 12" x 18" sheet of White Heavyweight Tagboard. Or, if you need to, cut sheet down to 11" x 17" and pattern will still fit.

  2. In the DecoPuffs® Assorted Package, find the seven colors you need to complete your rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Dark Purple) and Violet (Light Purple)) and cut them into 16 equal pieces as shown.

  3. To form the rainbow, take a pencil with an eraser and a cut piece of tissue. Wrap the tissue around the end of the eraser. Dip the end of the tissue into glue and press end down firmly on printed Pot Of Gold.pdf sheet.

  4. Finish your craft by adding Spectra® Glitter Sparkling Crystals. Using glue, add Green Glitter to the pot and Gold Glitter to the coins in the pot.

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