Protecto Film™ Fall Treasures

Products Used

Pacon® Protecto Film™, Clear, Non-Glare Plastic

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • Fall Leaves

Project Details

This is an easy way to preserve treasures found on a beautiful Fall walk in a nature center or just outside your front door.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Lesson Plan Ideas: Explore what happens to local plants during the Fall season. Learn about the different deciduous trees that grow in your area and discover which trees change color in the Fall at the end of their growing season.


  1. Collect items from nature. (*Special Note: Pick items that are relatively flat to ensure a better seal around it in your final project. Also, make sure items are completely dry so they won’t mold after being sealed.)

  2. Cut one 18" x 24" piece of Protecto Film. With the protective backing side facing up, fold the 24" side in half (18" x 12") and crease. Remove protective backing exposing the sticky side of the Protecto Film and add your Fall treasures in a single layer to the bottom half. When you’re finished, fold the top half of the Protecto Film over your treasures. Starting at the crease, smooth the Protecto Film as you go along around each item to remove any air bubbles. Your treasures are now sealed!

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