Project Details

Additional materials needed:

Self-Adhesive Letters, Printer, Colored Markers, Scissors, Stapler, Double-sided Tape and/or
Clear Tape, T-Pins (optional)

Steps for creating the Superhero board:

  1. Cover bulletin board with Fadeless® Design Chic Chevron, Aqua.
  2. Create buildings by attaching True-Ray® Construction Paper sheets to the board. First attach Black for the buildings in the back, then Gray for the buildings in the front. For the windows on the buildings, cut Yellow Construction Paper into 1" x 2" and 2" x 2" squares and attach to the Gray and Black buildings.
  3. Create the boarder by cutting Brite Green ArtKraft® into 4" strips. To give the border dimension, first scrunch each strip and smooth flat. Then accordion fold each strip before stapling along the outside edges of the bulletin board.
  4. For the word bursts (i.e. Care, Be Diligent) first you need to create seven Yellow fan ‘bursts’. Do this by cutting the Yellow ArtKraft® into 6" x 42" strips. Accordion fold the strips in 1" folds. When the entire strip is folded, form into a circle and secure with tape or staple edges together. Print and cut out word templates and attach to Yellow fans. Attached finished ‘bursts’ to the bulletin board with staples or T-pins.
  5. Download the Superheroes templates. Have students decorate their superhero bodies. Attach a photo of the student’s face to their superhero. Attach each student’s superhero to the bulletin board.
  6. Use Self-Adhesive letters and Paper Letters, Repositionable Adhesive Strip, for the title ‘Discover your inner Superhero!’

Options: Many Fadeless® Designs would work well for the background on this board, including City Lights, Clouds, Wispy Clouds and Summer Horizon.


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