Tissue Mania Project

Products Used

Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue, 5 Color Blends Madras Pattern Assortment
Tissue Paper Squares, 20 Assorted Colors
4-Ply Railroad Board, 10 Assorted Colors

Additional Products

  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Honeycomb Pad, Yellow

Project Details

Watch tissue come to life and discover how versatile tissue paper can be with this multi-tissue project.


  1. Create A Background: Lay out the piece of board either horizontally or vertically. Spray entire board with spray adhesive and carefully lay down the four pieces of Madras Tissue for your background color.

  2. Start The Flower: Cut a 1/2 circle in the honey comb pad to create the center of the flower and glue it in the top 1/3 of the board.

  3. Make It Grow: Pull out the colors you want your flower to be in the assorted pack of DecoPuffs®. Cut the DecoPuffs® into quarters. Start by wrapping a square of tissue paper around a pencil at the eraser end. Dot glue on the end and glue it to the paper. Continue this process until the flower is as big as you want it.

  4. Finish It: To complete the flower glue some grass colored rolls flat on the paper at the bottom and full size DecoPuffs® for the stem and leaf.

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