Tissue Stained Glass Project

Products Used

Tissue Paper Squares, 20 Assorted Colors
Protecto Film™, Clear, Non-Glare Plastic

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black Marker
  • Examples of Stained Glass Windows

Project Details

Now you can teach the art of stained glass with out all the sharp edges.

Lesson Plan Ideas


Students will study the lines and colors that make up stained glass by researching stained glass from around the world. They will then create their own stained glass piece by creating a small scale version using Pacon® Protecto Film™ and tissue paper.


  1. Prep: Start by laying your pre-cut mat frame in front of you. Cut two pieces of Pacon® Protecto Film™ just slightly larger than the middle of the frame.

  2. Cut and Fit: Remove the backing to one of the pieces of Protecto Film™ and lay it sticky side up in front of you. Cut random shapes and colors of DecoPuffs® Tissue and begin piecing them together like a puzzle until all spaces are filled.

  3. Outline: After your entire sheet is filled with color take the other sheet of Protecto Film and stick the two pieces together so that the tissue is in between the 2 sheets. Take a permanent black marker and outline each one of your shapes.

  4. Frame It: Take your finished masterpiece and tape it to the back side of the mat frame. Hang it in the window to see the colors come to life.

  5. Discussion: Discuss the completed works with you students. Why did they choose the shapes and colors they did? How is paper stained glass different from the real thing? Similar?

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