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Umbrella Mobile

Additional Products

  • Paper Scoring Tool
  • Sewing Needle
  • Quilling Tapered Needle Tool
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Dowel (1/4” wide by approximately 10” long)
  • Clear Fishing Line
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Pen
  • White School Glue or Super Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Eyelets and Rivet Gun (optional)

Project Details

Create your very own Umbrella Mobile!


  1. To Create the Umbrella’s Canopy

    1. Print out the Umbrella Templates.
    2. Use a pen or permanent marker to trace the canopy template onto the Plastic Poster Board colors of your choice, and cut out each. You will need six pieces total.
      1. The rough side of the Plastic Poster Board holds permanent marker best.
      2. If no marker border is desired to show on the final project, cut on the inside of the line to trim off the lines. For an even cleaner look, use your scoring tool to trace the template onto the plastic poster board, and cut along the creases.
    3. Use a scoring tool and a ruler to crease the two folded sides on each piece of the canopy, and fold the flap over.
    4. All sewing will be on the inside of the umbrella (the Plastic Poster Board’s rough side).
    5. Make sure the smooth side will be on the outside when completed.
    6. Take two pieces of the canopy, and use double sided tape to adhere two flaps together (smooth side to smooth side).
    7. With the Quilling Tapered Needle Tool, carefully poke holes through the two adhered flaps. Line the holes close to the folded edge from top to bottom, and approximately ½ cm apart. Stop about 1/2″ from the the top. These pre-made holes will make sewing through the Plastic Poster Board easy.Image 1
    8. Once the two flaps have the holes punctured, trim down the flap close to the holes.
    9. Using the pre-made holes, sew the two pieces together with whichever stitch you are most comfortable with. This example pictured shows an overcast stitch.
      Image 2
    10. Repeat steps 8-11 until you have all six pieces sewn together.
      Image 3
    11. Turn the canopy right-side-in by pushing the top of the canopy down and pulling the bottom upward.
      Image 4
    1. Use a pen or permanent marker to trace the clouds from the  Umbrella Template onto Clear Plastic Poster Board, and cut them out. You will need six completed clouds total, so trace and cut 12 templates. This sample used a blue permanent marker to trace the cloud templates, and cut along the outside of the line for an extra pop of color.
      Image 1
    2. Use double sided tape to adhere one edge of two clouds together so they do not move out of alignment in step 3.
    3. Using the Quilling Tapered Needle Tool, carefully poke holes through the two adhered clouds. Place them approximately 3/16″ or 1/4″ apart along the edge. Remove the tape when done.Image 2
    4. Using embroidery floss, stitch the two pieces together.
    5. Leave approximately 1 inch unsewn and place pom poms inside. When pom poms are inserted, finish sewing the cloud.
      Image 3
    6. Place as many pom poms as you want inside. This sample shows one pom pom in the first cloud, two pom poms in the second cloud, three pom poms in the third cloud, and so on.
    7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until all clouds are completed.
    8. Use a hole punch to make holes at the top of each of the clouds so they can hang from the umbrella’s canopy. Alternatively, use a rivet gun and eyelets to produce a more finished look.Image 5
  2. To Create the Umbrella’s Canopy

    1. Wrap a chenille stem around the dowel. Depending on the length of the dowel and the chenille stems, you may need to use more than one chenille stem to wrap the handle fully so no wood is showing.
    2. When you reach the end of the dowel, pull the chenille stem down and curve it upward like the letter “J”.
    3. Adjust the chenille stems so the dowel does not show through.
    4. For a more secure hold, dab glue on the dowel to adhere the chenille stems in place.
    5. At the top of the dowel, tie fishing line and create a slip knot or loop on the other end. This will be how the finished mobile hangs.
  3. Assembly

    1. Decide where you want the clouds hanging from on the umbrella’s canopy. Using the Quilling Tapered Needle Tool, poke a hole in the canopy where each cloud will hang.
    2. Using the fishing line, attach the clouds to the canopy. Trim excess fishing line at end.
    3. Stick the handle/dowel through the top hole of the canopy. Make sure the loop of fishing line is through this top hole as well.
    4. If the hole at the top of the umbrella is too big, and the canopy does not sit at the top of the handle without falling down, wrap a chenille stem at the very top of the dowel to act as a shelf for the canopy to sit on.
      Image 1
    5. Place a pom pom with a dab of glue at the top of the dowel on the outside of the canopy. Make sure the fishing line loop it is through the hole before you glue the pom pom on.

Additional Tips

  • Get creative—Instead of clouds, create rain drops, rainbows or cats and dogs!
  • Fill the clouds with glitter instead of pom poms.
    • To do this, adhere two clouds together with super glue. Adhere the glue approximately ½ inch from outter edge. Leave about an inch unglued to pour glitter in. When filled, close the inch gap with super glue to close.
    • Once the glue is set, poke holes through the ½” edge and follow the same steps as listed above.

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