Vampire Bat Treat Bags

Products Used

Kraft Bag, Assorted Bright Colors

Additional Products

  • Scissors
  • Glue

Project Details

Have some Halloween fun! Give away this year’s goodies wrapped in this spooky Vampire Bat Treat Bag.


  1. Using pattern (Vampire Bat Treat Bag_Pattern.pdf), cut wings and ears out of Black Tru-Ray® Construction Paper and teeth out of White Tru-Ray® Construction Paper.

  2. The bottom of the bag will be the bat’s head. Following glue areas shown on pattern, glue teeth under flap and glue ears and wings to back side of bag.

  3. Glue on Wiggly Eyes. Let dry.

  4. Fill bag with treats. Make sure contents fit inside bottom of bag. Following image above, fold two times (where shown). Tuck under bag flap (and teeth) and glue closed. Let dry.

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