Yarn Painting

Products Used

4-Ply Railroad Board, 10 Assorted Colors
2-Ply Standard Weight Yarn Dispenser, Bright & Intermediate Colors

Additional Products

  • Spray Adhesive
  • Pencil

Project Details

Teach students the history of yarn painting and combine it with a lesson in cool and warm colors.

Lesson Plan Ideas


The Huichol Indians of Mexico are known for their yarn paintings. They would take beeswax which they melt in the sun, and spread it over a piece of wood. They then push colored yarn into the wax to create images. You can easily recreate your own yarn painting using glue and various colors/thicknesses of yarn.


  1. Pick or Create A Design: Start by drawing out your design on a piece of board. Students can either create a design of their own or pick a well know Huichol design to recreate.

  2. Start In Sections: The most effective way to yarn paint is to start in small sections. Spray the adhesive in one area and create textured designs by pressing down the yarn with the craft stick. Start on the outside of the shape and follow the outline around and around until the drawing is completely filled.

  3. Finishing Touches: Complete your work by cutting around the painting and writing a small paragraph on why you chose the colors and design that you did.

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