Spectra® Glitter Sparkling Crystals

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All that glitters is gold…and red, silver, iridescent and a variety of other colors too! Spectra® Glitter Sparkling Crystals are high-quality and are the perfect addition to any art project. To help satisfy a child’s innate preference for things that shine, our 0.04" hexagon-shaped plastic glitter crystals are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236. They’re packaged in convenient plastic dispensing jars with a variety of slot openings, making it easy to use without a lot of mess!

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Sparkling Crystals 4 oz.
1 lb.
8 oz.
sample Turquoise
sample Pink
sample Magenta
sample Red
sample Purple
sample Blue
sample Sky Blue
sample Green
sample Multi-Color
sample Gold
sample Orange
sample Silver
sample White
sample Copper
sample Clear
sample Black
sample Iridescent (6/Ctn.)
sample Random Disco Glitter Flakes

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