Activity Kits

Many options to choose from--great for classrooms and large groups!


Choose from Fabric and Kraft Bags to create fun projects!

Chenille Stems

Many sizes, styles and colors to choose from! Perfect for any arts and crafts project.

Craft Materials

A wide range of basic craft supplies, including Pom Pons, Beads, Feathers, Tape and other decorat...

Crepe Paper

A full range of fade-resistant and bleed-resistant colors to make art projects, classroom decorat...

Drawing Tools

Choose from Oil Pastels, Chalk and other drawing tools to help you create the perfect masterpiece!


Colorful Foam Shapes and Sheets add a fun texture to any project!

Glitter & Glitter Glue

Easily add sparkle and shine to your projects with our convenient shaker top glitter jars or glit...

Lia Griffith Paper Flowers

Decorate your home or office with paper flowers in beautiful colors inspired by nature.


Choose from several styles of masks to decorate.

Modeling Materials & Tools

Have fun creating sculptures with our clay, dough and other modeling materials.

Painting Supplies

Several types of paint, smocks, brushes and other accessories are available here.

Papier Maché

Personalize a frame, box or mask with creative decorative accents. Great for gifts or home décor!

Plastic Art Sheets

A unique art medium that can be used to create custom stencils and die-cuts, or use with many typ...

Pom Pons & Craft Fluffs

Several styles of craft fluffs and pom pons available to add texture and dimension to your projects!


Glue for schools and crafters in multiple styles.

Scrapbooking Supplies

From scrapbooking pages to recipe cards, use our acid free and lignin free paper to create long l...

Sidewalk Chalk

Decorate the sidewalks on Creativity Street® with our sidewalk chalk!

Tissue Paper

Choose from bleeding or non-bleeding art tissues to create fun arts and crafts projects!

Wiggle Eyes

Creativity Street® Wiggle Eyes bring projects to life. We offer a wide variety of styles to choos...

Wood Shapes & Sticks

Browse our large collection of wood craft supplies, including craft sticks, shapes, clothespins, ...

Yarn & Accessories

We offer a broad line of yarn products for a variety of uses. An assortment of weights, textures ...