What are the major differences between all the Boards we offer? Use the below information as a quick reference to decide which is best for your project. 

Colored Railroad & Poster Board

  Railroad Board Poster Board
Manufacturing Process Fibers are dyed into the sheet and it is made in layers or plies (Uncoated) Colors are coated on top and bottom of a base stock
Fade Resistant No Yes
Available Sizes 22” x 28” 11” x 14”, 14” x 22”, 22” x 28”
Caliper (Thickness) 4-Ply (14 pt.) & 6-Ply (20 pt.) 12 pt. & 18 pt.


  Railroad Board Poster Board
Board Type Uncoated Colors are coated on top and bottom of a base stock
Acid Free Yes Yes
Available Sizes 22” x 28” 11” x 14”, 14” x 22”, 22” x 28”
Caliper (Thickness) 14 pt. & 20 pt. 10-11 pt., 14 pt. & 20 pt.

Railroad Board  Uncoated, vat-dyed board made from recycled fiber that is made in plies (layers). The color is dyed into the sheet, and has a brown or gray center layer. It is available in 4-ply (14 pt.) or 6-ply (20 pt.), and available in colors and Uncoated White. Railroad Board was developed in the late 1800s, and used in train stations for identification purposes.

Colored Poster Board  The color is coated on both sides of the white sheet with a durable and smooth coating, so it is more fade-resistant than Railroad Board and does not bleed when moistened. Available in 12 pt. and Heavy 18 pt. Common sizes include 11” x 14”, 14” x 22” and 22” x 28”. Single sheets of 22” x 28” are the most popular, and smaller sizes are commonly found in packages.

White Poster Board is typically coated on one side (C1S) and matte on the other side. It is available in 11” x 14”, 14” x 22” and 22” x 28” in single sheets or retail packages.

Other Boards

Colored Bristol Board is a 2-ply version of vat dyed Railroad Board that runs 9 pt. in thickness.

Display Board is a heavy-duty art board colored on both sides that is offered in calipers of 30 pt. to 48 pt., and available in White, Black and Assorted Colors. Common sizes are 22" x 28" and 28" x 44". Display Board is similar to Railroad Board, but much thicker in construction. For example: 14-ply White Display Board measures at 48 pt.

Foam Board is polystyrene extruded between two sheets of facing paper to form a lightweight but strong and rigid surface. Typically 3/16” thick, and is available in White with a White core, Black with a Black core, or Assorted Colors with a White core. Available in various sheets sizes, but the most common is 20” x 30”.

Presentation Board is made from a corrugated or foam construction. They also are available in Heavy-Duty or Double-Wall Construction. Other names for the tri-fold presentation boards include Science Fair or Display Boards. Most common size is 48” wide x  36” high, but also are offered in 40” x 28” and 48” x 48” sizes. Corrugated Boards are traditionally White with a Kraft color back, but do also come in Assorted Colors. Foam Presentation Boards come in White, Black and Assorted Colors.


These accessories help you easily create a professional-looking display!

Display Board

Excellent for painting, printing, airbrushing, model construction, paper sculpture and dioramas!

Foam Board

Available in several colors so you can choose the best option for your display!

Presentation Boards

Presentation Boards are available in several color options, sizes and even kits!

Privacy Boards

Keep distractions out with privacy boards! Available in multiple configurations.

Poster Board

Choose from several colors, styles and sizes.

Railroad Board

Choose from 4-Ply or 6-Ply in several color options.


A strong multi-purpose board is ideal for many mediums and projects. Available in several color o...


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